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AZ-103 Exam Review

AZ-103 being relatively new is still Buggy, there's a few things you should know/be aware of before you sit the exam.


1. Read the details - It's easy to scan through and get fixated on a particular part of the question or setup. A few times I've misread the details and mistakenly seen a positive when it was a negative. So just make sure you read it thoroughly and pick ALL the details that matter.

2. Less haste, more speed - This is something that my first Boss taught me and it's stuck with me. (Granted I'm guilty of forgetting it at time) But taking that extra moment of two to make sure you get things right and take the time to focus on details really does pay off. You'll save time in the long run. Also remember the exam is 3 hours, you have plenty of time.

3. Question reviews - This is an obvious one, It's easy to do when you feel under pressure. But saying that reviewing your answers really is a Must!! For the AZ-103 you'll get two opportunities to review, what i'd say is review all the first set of 30+ questions at your first opportunity, this comes just before the Labs, if you do it in full then you'll feel less rushed and given that those 30 questions are going to make up a good portion of your total it's important to get a decent score on them.

While reviewing if there are questions that you're doubting, mark them for review and use the notepad available too you to put down some details. Then once you're in the Labs, you can use a bit of your lab time to just validate your thinking/check the setups. Then on the final review, you can make the amendment you need. This seems like cheating but you're using the tools at hand.

(You'll probably find some bits like Azure AD etc unavailable, but there's definitely questions which you could confirm using the labs if you are concerned/worried)

4. Don't Doubt yourself - You will have done plenty of revision. One thing I will say about the reviewing question, is personally I find, if i look at a question long enough, I can actually convince myself to change my correct answer to an incorrect one. So don't doubt yourself yes change answers where it's obviously wrong, but if your gut has picked something and your just doubting yourself rather than knowing your wrong leave it.


Although i'm 100% for labs in exam

(personally I'd love the entire thing to be labs and you just get a case study/requirements and need to build the systems but that's a rant for another day)

But the Labs are still buggy so here are a few tricks and tips for AZ-103 Labs.

1. Loading - I've had a couple of combinations of errors when loading IE:- Internet not available etc. The trick with these is to click Next once then go back to the Labs. Hopefully when it reloads it actually triggers correctly.

2. Username - I've had it where the Username given by the Labs wasn't actually recognised by the Portal. It's really frustrating as you know you've got the details correct and the user should be valid. This seems to be caused by a delay in the Azure sync of user creation. If you're unlucky like me you could lose 5-10 minutes of exam time here while you wait for it to Sync and update. Unfortunately no amount of going forward and backwards seem to help. It's just a case of waiting for Azure to catch up and refresh.

3. Take your time - This goes without saying, but it's easy to get carried away building things in Azure and skipping minor details such as "Standard HDD" vs "Standard SSD". I got caught out not realising the default wasn't what I wanted and distracted by setting the custom size of the disk, it cost me a good 10+ minutes de-allocating a disk and re-allocating. So read the question and check the details.


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